hi, i'm red. this is my twitter about. it's not required to read anything past the following:

don't follow if you:

  • are under 16
  • meet the usual byf requirements (basically don't be a dick or a bigot)


  • red
  • 19
  • they/them preferred but she/he are also okay.
    • Basically, what this means is that I prefer they but do not mind anyone using she/he, either accidentally or on purpose.
  • transgender; nonbinary butch lesbian
    • on T since 03/22/2018
  • white
  • disabled (crohn's disease + endometriosis mainly)

Big Interests

the stuff im into! in parenthesis i specify what versions or specifically what i'm the biggest fan of.

  • final fantasy (ESPECIALLY ffxiv, red jaliqai on jenova)
  • granblue fantasy
  • re:zero (web novel)
  • ai: the somnium files
  • disgaea
  • kagerou project
  • the witcher (books + games)
  • vocaloid / utaites / former utaites (miy_yuu)
  • berserk
  • supergiant games (my favorite is transistor)
  • jojo's bizarre adventure (i guess. i consume it and i sure do talk about it but i mostly complain)

Minor Interests

These are more dormant interests that aren't as prevalent unless they're brought up

  • yu-gi-oh! (mostly the original series)
  • digimon
  • persona (mainly the 2 duology + 3)
  • futurama
  • the world ends with you
  • zero escape (999 + vlr)
  • ghost trick
  • soul eater

Other Websites


i don't feel strongly about kins. they're basically just favorite characters.

kano shuuya; soul eater evans; red from transistor; yukine from noragami; fry from futurama

subaru natsuki from re:zero